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About Public House Theatre Company

Public House Theatre Company is a nonprofit theatre company providing Portland, Oregon with professional quality entertainment and invites you to share in the experience!

Our Mission

Public House Theatre Company is committed to enriching the community through professional quality theatre and artistic education.

Our Purpose

Public House Theatre Company is a charitable and educational entity focusing on artistic growth and development through various programs and community involvement.

Our Vision

1. Public House Theatre Company Main Stage Performance Series

Public House Theatre Company offers the general public exposure to the performing arts through an annual series of live performance productions.  The objective of the Main Stage Performance Series is to provide quality entertainment through various mediums while presenting thought provoking subject matter in an effort to broaden public understanding of the arts.

It is our goal that through presentation and a series of special events, public awareness and knowledge of published works will grow.  Additionally, it is our intention that members of the community will become more involved in the arts and education.

2. Theatre Internship Programs

For students age 13+ who desire hands-on experience in performing arts administration.

 3. Public House Theatre Company Adult Education

Growth and education are not limited to young people.  Many adults are looking for opportunities to grow their own communication, presentation, and performance skills.  Public House Theatre Company Adult Education gives the adult performer the opportunity to develop and grow those skills.  The program offers courses to all skill levels.  The broad course offerings to adults enable them to develop skills that will help them not only in performance, but also in daily life.

  • Public Speaking
  • Acting Fundamentals
  • Improvisation
  • Voice & Movement

Education Philosophy

Public House Theatre Company believes in and fosters artistic growth through exposure and involvement.  The Main Stage Series is a powerful vehicle to expose the public to performing arts.  It is our desire that after coming to see the productions, audience members will want to become more involved in the performing arts.  Through education programs taught by the performers, directors, and technicians, students gain credible knowledge from individuals with real-world experience.  Every student involved in one of our education programs sets goals and works with his/her instructor to reach those goals.  By taking a goal-oriented approach, every student feels a sense of accomplishment and success.



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