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2008 - 2009 Season

Life With Family



By John Morgan Evans
Directed by Dustin Milberg


It's A Wonderful Life:
A Live Radio Play

Adapted for the Stage by Joe Landry
Directed by Mary McDonald-Lewis


The Illusion
By Tony Kushner

Directed by Ron Daum

September 12 - October 4, 2008


      December 5 - 20, 2008       March 6-28, 2009

In this beautifully-written, heartfelt comedy, four generations of Italian-American women gather in the kitchen of the DiAngelo's Brooklyn home to deal with life, death, and cannelloni, while the dying family patriarch is in the bedroom listening to Italian opera. Warm and funny, Daughters is one of the best-written family plays of the last few years, with five incredibly rich and clever roles for women.

Pictured above from top left: Patty Price-Yates, Jocelyn Berado, and Meg Chamberlain.


This enchanting, time-honored tale of Christmas regret and redemption is told with a twist! This holiday season, Public House Theatre Company brings the captivating story of George Bailey to life as a live radio broadcast. Set in a run-down Portland, Oregon radio station in 1946, five actors take on all the roles of the holiday classic and bring a few dozen characters to the stage for a live studio audience (you!). Join us for an intimate evening of storytelling, music and live sound effects.

Pictured above from left: Sarah Dresser, Pat Janowski, Tim Blough, and Tim Jager.


Tony Kushner, the Pulitzer-prize winning playwright of Angels in America, takes great liberties in his adaptation of Pierre Corneille’s 17th century comedy L'Illusion Comique. Reality and dream intersect in the cave of the magician Alcandre, where a lawyer has come on a quest in search of answers about his prodigal son. Alcandre conjures three visions to reveal the life of his son in exile. In each episode the names change, the alliances shift, and the stakes rise. What begins as a simple fairy tale evolves into a complex and elegant tale of the greatest Illusion of all—love.

Pictured above from left: Lisamarie Harrison and Vince Camillo.




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