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2009 - 2010 Season

A Time to Laugh


By Tom Leher
Directed by Bruce A. Hostetler
Music Direction by Matt Insley


A Christmas Story
By Jean Shepherd
Directed by Dustin Milberg


By Tom Stoppard

Directed by Dustin Milberg

September 11 - October 3, 2009

      December 4 - 19, 2009
      March 5-27, 2010

A relentlessly witty revue of comedic genius Tom Lehrer's music, including 30 of his most memorable, toe-tapping hits.

Pictured above from left clockwise: Margo Schembre, Nathan Dunkin, Ross Cowan, and James Sharinghousen.


Humorist Jean Shepherd's memoir of growing up in the Midwest in the 1940s, complete with Ralphie's quest for a genuine Red Ryder BB gun and the oh-so-famous leg lamp.

Pictured above from left clockwise: Michael Cline, David Hudkins, Pat Janowski, Tim Jager, and Mary McDonald-Lewis.


Tom Stoppard's funny, poignant, and witty tale focuses on three retired soldiers whose cantankerous camaraderie becomes strained when plotting their escape from a military hospital for World War I vets.

Pictured above from left: Michael Biesanz, Tobias Andersen, and Scott Malcom.




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